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Matt does an absolutely fabulous job. No matter what my issue every time I see him I leave feeling 100% better. I am relaxed, my blood is flowing well, my muscles are feeling good and I’ll tension is gone. He can do any type of massage you desire. I highly recommend Matt as your massage therapist.

– J.S.

I have monthly massages with Matt, after my last one I said to my boyfriend "that was the best massage ever" and he replied, "you always say that". It is true - every massage is amazing and a little different. I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. My massage sessions show me where I tend to hold tension in my body without even being aware of it. Matt is an incredibly skilled masseuse.

– carol p

It is quite obvious after my third massage with Matt, that he is a dedicated and professional masseuse who is passionate about his work.. He does a thorough and wonderful job - the effects of which make me feel great for days after. If you have any body aches, I highly recommend Message By Massage. They are the best.

– E.F.

Matt's healing hands and his caring nature are top notch. I had several physical therapy appointments for a strained adductor muscle and hip strain but was still having pain.. Matt is very knowledgeable with the kind of massage needed to relieve the pain and also has a calming demeanor.. I signed up for a package as I feel ill continue to get relief. Highly recommend him.

– Karen Romano Sztaba

I am a long time customer of Matt and continue to book monthly 90 minute massages. Matt has an uncanny ability to adapt each session to my specific and often changing needs. Each session is unique and never feels canned or run of the mill. The 90 minute session allows me to completely relax, mind and body. It is amazing how a talented masseuse can uncover areas on your body that need work when you are not aware of it. Thanks Matt!

– carol p

Just had my 1st message with Ashley. Following shoulder surgery & PT, I need additional help to loosen the muscles and reduce shoulder & neck pain. WOW after just 1 session, Ashley did it! She really knows how the body works and exactly where to focus her treatments. Her knowledge & expertise is key to achieving the best result for the client. I would highly recommend you make an appt with Ashley at Message by Massage.

– Kim Marie

Ashley’s the best! Been seeing her for years now. She competent, thorough and does exactly what you ask of her. Highly recommend.

– Donna Russo

I have had messages from Ashley for years now. She is efficient, thorough, knowledgeable and what I consider a master at her craft. I always feel physically, emotionally as spiritually better after an appointment. I have also learned to synchronize my chiropractic appointments with the message. One enhances the other.

– Donna Russo

Had my second massage with Ashley. It was amazing and totally relaxed me. She knows how to work out the kinks. I feel like a new woman. Job well done!

– Charmayne H

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